I'm Shelley Krause, and I am interested in storytelling, tribe-finding, and purposeful networks. In addition to facilitating conversations about learning, I sometimes serve as an archivist for pre- and post-event reflections; you can find some of my curated collections via the links to the left.

In 2014 and 2015, I was back at NACAC & the Princeton Public Library again.

In 2013, I hope I can connect with you at one of these gatherings:
NACAC (Toronto, Sept. 20-21)
Princeton Public Library (Princeton, NJ, Oct. 7)

In 2012, I hope you joined me in a conversation about what finding one's "tribe" as a learner might look like, either by following me on Twitter (where I am @butwait) or by connecting with me at one of these gatherings:
EduCon 2.4 (Philly, Jan. 28-29)
NAIS (Seattle, Feb. 29-Mar. 2)
edcampIS (Seattle, Mar. 3)

Or did we meet even further back? I facilitated a conversation on The Academy and the You-niverse at EduCon2.2 in Philadelphia a few years back. In 2011 our paths might also have crossed at the #140edu conference (I was the one who brought students up onto the stage with me) or EdCamp Philly. In any case, I would love to be in touch if you have thoughts about how best to leverage new and emerging technologies in the service of passion-fueled and/or student-centered learning.

For a collection of counselor-curated college lists based on unusual or hard-to-find criteria, please see the College Lists Wiki at http://www.collegelistswiki.com.