Hi, I'm Shelley Krause, aka @butwait , and, what the heck, I'll be serving as an unofficial archivist again for EduCon2.4. (I've done this for the last couple of years as well.)

I want to enable the continuation of the many conversations that have EduCon as their nexus and/or genesis. So as I come across EduCon2.4-related content, I'll be adding it here. If you have a wikispaces account, you should be able to make additions as well (I welcome your help!). Standard wiki operating procedure applies: Nothing is missing. You just haven't added it yet. Or just send me a tweet (@butwait ) w/ the link and I'll try to make sure it gets added.

You can point people to this page by giving them this link: http://bit.ly/educon24archive

Some of the folks who facilitated conversations at EduCon2.4 have posted their slidedecks and/or notes to the main EduCon2.4 site. Kevin Jarrett has once again set up a photo pool on Flickr(Thanks, Kevin!), SLAMedia's set is here, and Stephen Ransom has a nice set here. Arlen Kimmelman has got a good start on a participants list here. (Thanks, Arlen!) (Let her know if she missed you!)

Beyond that, I would welcome help thinking about how/whether to try to include other kinds of EduCon-related goodies here. Toby Fischer would love to see all the GoogleDocs & wikis that folks were posting to in-session, so I'm working on that (scroll WAAAAY down). Tweet me your ideas/ requests/ beefs?

Collected EduCon2.4 (2012) Reflections (pre- and post-)

(alpha by twitter handle or name, please)

@alexinman97 - Alex Inman

@annmic- Ann Michaelsen

Ariel Sacks

@arvind - arvind grover

@audreywatters - Audrey Watters

@baldy7 - Tony Baldasaro

@beckyfisher73 - Becky Fisher

@bhsprincipal - Patrick Larkin

@boadams1 - Bo Adams

@BrdCmpbll - Brad Campbell

@brophycat - Cathy Brophy

@budtheteacher - Bud Hunt

@butwait - Shelley Krause

@chadsansing - Chad Sansing

@chrislatkinson - Chris Atkinson (w/ Lyn Hilt, Dwight Carter, and Patrick Larkin)

@chrislehmann - Chris Lehmann

@CriticalSkills1 - Laura Thomas

@dancallahan - Dan Callahan

@DaretoChem - Marc Seigel

@deirdrebailey - Deirdre Bailey

@djakes - David Jakes

@dwarlick - David Warlick

@Dwight_Carter - Dwight Carter

@edtechsteve - Steve Johnson

@eijunkie - Blair Peterson

@fliegs - Larry Fliegelman

@FYasharian - Francis Yasharian

@hadleyjf - Hadley Ferguson

@InnovativeEdu - Lisa Nelson

@jaccalder - Jaclyn Calder

@jenorr - Jennifer Orr

@jmcclurken - Jeff McClurken

@JosieHolford - Josie Holford

@ktenkely - Kelly Tenkely

@L_Hilt - Lyn Hilt

@lizbdavis - Liz B Davis

@lookforsun - Maureen Devlin

@luciente11 - Kelly Vaughan - I am interested in thinking through nuts-and-bolts implementation of 20% time for students within the constraints of a daily class period (or whatever constraints you have). My context is a highly academically-diverse sixth grade science classroom, but I think we can all learn from each other. I have some initial thoughts down in a Google doc, which I invite you to view, join, and edit (you might need to request access). If a few people start working on it, maybe we can move to a better collaborative space than the Google doc.

@mathplourde - Mathieu Plourde

@missLwbt - Miss L

@lmsahistory - Molly Myers

@pammoran - Pam Moran

@plugusin - Bill Ferriter

@Ramirez_EdD - Milton Ramirez

@schinker - John Schinker

@shareski - Dean Shareski

@StandTallSteve - Steven Bollar

@SteveG_TLC - Steve Goldberg

@teddyb109 - Ted Bongiovanni

@techwithintent - Jac de Haan

@timmmmyboy - Tim Owens

@timstahmer - Tim Stahmer

@tomwhitby - Tom Whitby

@web20classroom - Steve Anderson

@WendyE40 - Wendy Eiteljorg

@willrich45 - Will Richardson

@wstites - William Stites

In-Session Docs or other resources (I'm asking permission of the doc's author before posting if they're not up on the main Educon site):

Permission to Speak? Creating Communities of Advocacy in Education
Who: Chad Sansing, Kirsten Olson, Christina Cantrill, Paul Oh

What: In-Session Google Doc

Innovation: Elementary Edition

Who: Lyn Hilt
What: In-Session Google Docs are posted on the official Educon 2.4 site

Math 2.0 and the Wanna do Curriculum

Who: Ihor Charischak
What: In-Session Google Doc

Building Bridges: Communities of Practice from K-16
Who: Tom Woodward, Tim Stahmer, Jeff McClurken, Tim Owens, Martha Burtis
What: In-Session: Slides

What Should Every Citizen Know?

Who: Dan Callahan
What: In-session Google Doc