Hi, I'm Shelley Krause, aka @butwait , and I am serving as an unofficial archivist again for EduCon2.3 . (I did this last year as well.)

I want to enable the continuation of the many conversations that have EduCon as their nexus and/or genesis. So as I come across EduCon2.3-related content, I'll be adding it here. If you have a wikispaces account, you should be able to make additions as well (I welcome your help!). Standard wiki operating procedure applies: Nothing is missing. You just haven't added it yet. Or just send me a tweet ( @butwait ) w/ the link and I'll try to make sure it gets added.

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Some of the folks who facilitated conversations at EduCon2.3 have posted their slidedecks and/or notes to the main EduCon2.3 site. Beyond that, I would welcome help thinking about how/whether to try to include other kinds of EduCon-related goodies here, e.g. archived Tweets (thanks, @colonelb !), tagged photos on Flickr (thanks, @kjarrett !), Hashalbum (thanks, @brueckj23 ) etc. Tweet me your ideas/ requests/ beefs?

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Collected EduCon2.3 (2011) Reflections (pre- and post-)

EduCon coverage in the School Library Journal: Third Annual Unconference for Librarians

Collaborative reflection from @michellek107 (Michelle Baldwin), @berkshirecat (Andrew Garcia), @DoremiGirl (Yoon Soo Lim), @KylePace (Kyle Pace), and @eliza_peterson (Elizabeth Peterson):
Collaborative Reflections on EduCon & Arts Education, Part I
Collaborative Reflections... Part II

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@1healigan-Leslie Healey

amandacdykes - Amanda Dykes

@amjohnston - Ann Johnston - Beyond the Rule of Three

@audreywatters - Audrey Watters -

@baldy7 - Tony Baldasaro -

@berkshirecat - Andrew Garcia - (screenshots from MANY Educon conversations) "Use however you want and thanks for a great weekend of learning."

@bknittle - Beth Knittle

@branzburg - Jeff Branzburg - My Twitterish EduCon Takeaway (comic strip)

@budtheteacher - Bud Hunt -

@butwait - Shelley Krause - What We Bring

@chadsansing - Chad Sansing

@ChrisLehmann - Chris Lehmann -

@ChrisVacek - Chris Vacek - Educon: The Ed Reform Nexus – Why SpEd Matters

@CoachB0066 - William Brannick - Four EduCon 2.3 Takeaways

@colinjagoe - Colin Jagoe -

@colonelb - David Britten - Innovation and Schools

@cpaterso - Cameron Paterson - Thoughts on Educon 2.3

@dancallahan - Dan Callahan

@damian613 - Damian Bariexca -
EduCon 2.3: From #Chat to #Do
EduCon 2.3: Focus Question 1
EduCon 2.3: Focus Question 2
EduCon 2.3: Focus Question 3

@dane1434 - Dana Patterson - PLN: You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person

@davidwees - David Wees - My Twitterish EduCon Takeaway

@Deacs84 - Laura Deisley - EduCon 2.3: A Shifting Experience, A Call to Participation

@dgende - Dolores Gende - Educon: Power in Connection

@dlaufenberg - Diana Laufenberg - Building History Project (document bundle)

@dmcordell - Diane Cordell - The Start of a Journey

@drezac - Daniel Rezac - What IS EduCon? (podcast)

@dwarlick - David Warlick - Wordle of Educon Tweets

@edtechworkshop - Andrea Hernandez - 10 Thoughts After Educon Day 1

@ericjuli - Eric Juli - Educon Reflections From An Inner City Administrator

@funnymonkey - Bill Fitzgerald - Notes from Educon Session: Crowdsourcing the Death of the Textbook

@frankisibberson - Franki Sibberson - EduCon 2.3 - A Reflection

@fredbartels- Fred Bartels - Finding the Story Thread

@geraldaungst - Gerald Aungst -

@gcouros - George Couros -

@hadleyjf - Hadley Ferguson -

@hickstro - Troy Hicks - Conversations and Collaborations from EduCon

@irasocol - Ira Socol - The Messages

@jenksbyjenks - Christina Jenks - Powerpoint Book

@jbrinson21 - Jennifer Brinson - Inspiration Despite Exhaustion

@jenorr - Jennifer Orr

@jenwagner - Jen Wagner - It Is Official: The 2011 EdTech Camp Season Is Open

@jeffknj8 (aka @educoncierge) - Jeff Kessler - No, Thank You!

@JohnPfluger - John Pfluger - She Said You Would Return

@jonathanemartin -- Jonathan Martin: 10 Reflections on Educon

@jonbecker - Jon Becker - Can #Educon catalyze a movement?

@jorech - Jon Orech - How Do You Model? (~15 min. video) Digital Quill (Digital Storytelling resource)

@jrichardson30 - Jeff Richardson -

@jspry - Jeremy Spry - (untitled video)

@justwonderinY - Cathy Mere

@khokanson- Kristin Hokanson- I have a feeling this is going to become a series of posts on What are our Schools? Or at least if I post it here...perhaps I will be inspired to make it be :)

@kristenswanson - Kristen Swanson

Kirsten Olsen - When A School Is About Learning

@klbz - Karen LaBonte -

@L_Hilt - Lyn Hilt - #Educon Anticipation

@lblanken - Laura Blankenship -

@lbott -- Lauren Bott Crafting Character

@libraryms - Gretchen Hazlin - 3 Days in Philly

@lizbdavis - Liz Davis -

@lthumann - Lisa Thumann -

@marcizane - Marci Zane - Ctr-Alt-PD

@mcleod - Scott McLeod - Some big questions for educators (and parents and policymakers)

@melhutch - Melanie Hutchinson - My Thoughts on Educon 2.3

@MissShuganah - Debbie - We've Tried Nothing, and We're Fresh Out of Ideas!

@mmkrill -

@mrami2 - Meenoo Rami - Meaningful Student Voice Session Schedule

@MrChase - Zac Chase -

@Mrskmpeters - Kristina Peters

@msstewart - Meredith Stewart - Is Clean Up As Important As Crafting?

@NancyW - Nancy White - What Students Want: An Educon Preflection

@nicolenmartin - Nicole Martin - The Educon Experience

@njtechteacher - Ann Oro - Unpacking Educon

@NMHS_Principal - Eric Sheninger - The Road Less Traveled

@pammoran - Pam Moran - It's the Experience That Matters: EduCon 2.3

@pete_rodrigues - Pete Rodrigues -

@Philip_Cummings - Philip Cummings - Scattered thoughts from #Educon

@plugusin - Bill Ferriter -

@ransomtech - Stephen Ransom - Educon'ish'

RJ Stangerlin - @pearlgirl22 and @PADENLC

@samchaltain - Sam Chaltain - Let's End the Battle of the Edu-Tribes

@sammorra - Samantha Morra - Teaching Empathy (conversation home site)

@saskateach - Jennifer Brokofsky - What if... the power of words in transforming education

@sedson - Sarah Edson - post-Educon post: "Hope is a good thing"

@snbeach - Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach - Diversifying Your Rolodex: Discussing the lack of gender diversity in the ed tech space (slidedeck)

@ssibberson - Scott Sibberson - EDUCON2.3 - A Couple Days Removed

@suzieboss Suzie Boss - Edutopia post: Good Ideas Snowball at EduCon 2.3

@thecleversheep - Rodd Lucier -

@TheJLV - Jose Vilson - #Educon, Edu-Nerds, Chris Lehmann, and a Slice of Race in the 21st Century

@thenerdyteacher - Nicholas Provenzano -

@tgwynn - Tim Gwynn - Show Me What Matters

@timstahmer - Tim Stahmer

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